Partnerships for Nulhegan

Fish and Wildlife Service

Permits for Scientific Collection and for Ceremonial Collection

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Consent to Request to Gather Plants
on TransCanada Lands.

Message from Chief Don Stevens:
"I want to reiterate two important elements that are important to adhere to:

  1. Prior to any collection by tribe members, they are to notify TransCanada's Land Manager or equivalent one week before any planned harvest.  At this time, please contact Brandon Kibbe at TransCanada ( ) or (832) 584-3229 for any such notification.

  2. A copy of this consent letter MUST be carried by tribal members harvesting on TransCanada property."

Copy of letter for printing

Following are printable maps of the various locations that are available for harvesting. Please click on the link in order to download and print the desired maps.

Zip File of Maps

Permission Granted to Nulhegan gather resources and medicines on the Federal Lands that are controlled by the First Light Power Company in VT, NH, and MA.

Link to Boundary Maps

University of Vermont
We are now a professional affiliate for the UVM Masters program.

Click on the image below to visit the website.

Vermont Land Trust

U.S. Forest Service

Permission to gather in the Green Mountain National Forest
granted to the Nulhegan Abenaki Tribe.

NOTICE: A valid Nulhegan ID (Tribal Card) must be produced
upon request when gathering in the National Forest Lands


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