Seventh Harvest

Seventh Harvest Relief Project

Food shelf seventh harvest relief project Nulhegan Abenaki
The Seventh Harvest Relief Project is an evolution of the Longhouse Food Pantry. With unemployment at record breaking highs and an ever increasing cost of living, it is entirely necessary to share with those less fortunate.  Food, hygiene, warm wear, and heat during winter are a necessity to survival and comfort in the Northeast Kingdom.  Permaculture, organic community gardens, and a remembrance of the old ways brings us closer to sustainable and green living.


An initiative of AHA, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the mission of the Seventh Harvest Relief Project is to provide community members with healthy food and essentials in times of need; to promote self and community sustainability through empowerment and cooperation; to educate our youth in traditional organic agriculture and sustainable living.

                                                    AHA Board of Directors

                                                           Dawn Macie
                                                           Frank Cheney
                                                           Lucy Neel
                                                           Charlie Burbo
                                                           Melody Nunn

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