Nulhegan Heritage Gathering

Date set for 2017 Gathering!!!
Mark your calendar for September 2nd & 3rd.
Location will be at the Boy Scout Camp again this year.
Location is listed below. Times will remain the same.

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Our Fifth Annual Nulhegan Abenaki
Heritage Gathering was held on
August 13 – 14 in Eden Mills, Vermont

The Fifth Annual Abenaki Heritage Gathering was held on Saturday, August 13th and Sunday, August 14th from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.  at the Mount Norris Scout Reservation, 1 Boy Scout Camp Road, Eden Mills, Vermont 05652, which is off of Route 100, just north of Johnson.

Throughout the weekend there was singing, drumming, and dancing. On Saturday, there were traditional games that were enjoyed by adults and children. Everyone had a great time!

Members of the tribe, as well as other natives sold their traditional and contemporary art throughout the weekend. 

Chief Don Stevens gave demonstrations of wampum belts, explaining the meanings behind each piece. The public was invited to ask questions and this was found to be a favorite time during the weekend. The Chief also did some storytelling.

The main focus of the celebration was Abenaki culture and the historic and contemporary value of the Wabanaki and Seven Nations alliances.

This was not a “powwow”… it was a CELEBRATION!! of members, friends, and friends of friends… ALL  who value the customs, traditions, and alliances of the Abenaki people were invited to come celebrate. This celebration will be held again in 2017, so please keep an eye on this website so that you can mark your calendar when the date is listed.

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