Government of the Abenaki Tribe

at Nulhegan-Memphremagog

Like many governments, ours consists of three-branches:

The Executive Branch
consists of a Chief (Sogomo) and a 2nd Chief (Sogomis) who are nominated by the councils and decided by election.  This branch also includes the administrative appointees enlisted by the Chief and/or 2nd Chief, as well as elected officials such as Secretary and Treasurer.  It is the responsibility of the Administration to maintain the day-to-day operations, security, and services of the tribe.

Sogomo - Don Stevens
War Chief - Bernie Mortz
Treasurer - Dawn Macie 


The Legislative Branch is composed of an elected Tribal Council of 5 -13 members from various families within the tribe.  It is the responsibility of the Tribal Council to make laws and decisions that will benefit and empower the Nulhegan community today and tomorrow.

Tom Bouler
Tom Beck
Peter Kenney
Billie Jo Garfield
Mickey Garfield
Gail Girard
Mike Descoteaux
Dawn Macie
Lucy Cannon-Neel
Nicole St. Onge


The Judicial Branch is represented by an Elders Council or Council of Judges. 
It is the responsibility of the Elders Council to interpret the Nulhegan constitution
during disputes where two or more parties acting on behalf of the tribe 
cannot agree and/or when allegations are filed.

Billie Largy
Berine Mortz
Lorna Garfield
Charlie Delaney


Perhaps the most unique part of the Nulhegan Abenaki Tribe's government is the Board of Trustees.  The Trustees, three in number, are entrusted with the Continuity of Government. Our tribe has learned from the mistakes of others in the past.  In just the last few decades, communities have organized, thrived, and then fallen prey to the agendas of one or a few, usually leading to the fall of an insecure tribal government.  Trustees protect the tribal government from takeover and/or dissolution.

Dawn Macie
Don Stevens



Please click the link below to download a copy of the proposed constitution.


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